Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lets talk headies...the glams & jokes!!!

Goodness the actress has not seen better days in the style city, the fluffy licks, the atrocious exposure urgh
Did u gate crash...its not owanbe even SSP was embarrassed at your aso ebi
Ok i get it D1 likes the boys look- nice pants just ditch the blazer & office shirt
Just in case marriage never happens remember i had a solo one at Hip Hop awards #areuseriousgirl
I love this the shoe & jacket #rocs
you are the reason they* call we blacks the name we detest most....Gillete works wonders bruh
Gbemi hun is sure ready to roc & roll #rocs...just be more lotion friendly (u know where)
Love or Hate her she's the drama on heels....she's anything but boring #rocs
Really? its not even Boko Haram's peace meeting and at that it has to be jumat (friday) get it together bruh
My goodness i'm havin' a laugh attack ROTFLMFBO such an errornista*
Everything shine shine :/ that jacket should now be at the bottom of ya closet or you crush its distorting wings
AuntyKSB sure has only one phobia- Mirror LOL
its now 2011 (brazillian horse hair) get a flight back from 40's asap PS- Goodwill needs those shoes too.
Yes she got the memo damn girl #doinhiphopright
Its ok i don't understand the Lynxx hype but its defo not ok you haven't retired those Toms
Muna is having identity/style crisis so lets leave it alone till she figures it out
Jacket, pants & shoe kewl combo- just relax more bruh
Nse rocs the queens english on screen but not this no. #boring
Colour blocking got too busy still #bruhworksitYES
OMG did you meet Cossy Orjiakor on your way to the awards?
Don't even throw shades #ladyrocs muahs
Pink jacket with short sleeves :o gotta be the latest masc drag
Girl the awards wasn't in Empire or Allen...cover up #sounforgivable
She's retired from style city...else how do u explain stylequeen missed the memo- Its the hiphop awards not Amaa's
Nice dress just event inappropriate and lose those nutty puffs
Its an awesome task keeping a name sexy ask Omotola, the shoes are either wrong or meant to have colour disorder #looknotsexy uh uh
LMAO@ the pants- this is how Ngbati guy's pants look like at a certain age (PAUSE i'm yoruba)
Yeah i know i <3 me some tiwa a lil' too much....color/dress totally not hiphop #getitrightdiva

Yay Toolz gettin' it right without the synthetic.... wait- oh no not those shoes sigh* #lostexcitement
She truly has business with music just not with style
LOL she sure is a stress reliever
Now i smile...someone at least remember it was Hip hop awards #rocs
Halloween defo came earlier in Nigeria *shrugs =D

Darey's gettin' his edgy side on ilike
Rita oh rita you know those legs now need tights they ve' seen over 3 decades bare c'mon now ;)
Photo Credit: Bella Naija


  1. I laughed my way through all your analysis...step by step......You've got a good sense of humour #keepitup

  2. Thanks and stay around for more funny moments.

  3. Your comments are right and so funny; It is true that most of the time the nollywood actress are the worst dress celebrities.