Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Complete Fashion party miss & hits

Nice gold sequined dress but one slit would have made it stunning
Good fit for a LBD with short puff sleeves...a pair of red loub would have given a wow factor though
Dare, that fashion buff on a power bike back in college needs to come back, boot cut suit pants should still remain in exile
SOS please....the hair, the dress, the pout = Epic disaster. Lady needs 3 things 1.clear mirror 2. true friends 3. help
Oh yes but with that aboki hat you are deffo on sale
Blair....horrid, like WTH? its not a movie set why u looking like a deranged character?
Really?? oh well you are missing a tray with cocktail drinks on it
OMG dont phunk with this lady hulk...with a body like that u have no biz with illusion dresses
Debonair...just a well polished shining shoes would have complete the look
Another lovely sequined dress but the pinafore high neck ruined it, a V or drape neck would have nailed it
Gotta give it to this man, the pants, shoes, bow tie, blazer all working it sans the construction goggles though
Terrific- she's effortlessly hard to miss....but slow your roll on make up you are no drag queen
I only see basic here but still the shoes ruined even the basic...*yawns*
Beautiful sequined dress but when did make-up start color blocking with hairline like that? ps its tasteless for ladies areola to ever be on display
Completely tacky...the tulip is even a miss, your tailor should be sued
This is how you trad wears, nice and the sandals...fantastic
I remember this dress on Omotola at the OK launch in UK, pretty but seems Omotola got more curves to rock it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Style code of conduct

Fashion truly has no boundaries as you can get your inspiration from anywhere- from a girl's scarf in the township to the mechanics uniform at a workshop and the list goes on. An idea comes from anywhere in fashion and then you fully process it into your own style and thats where you have code of conduct. Many fashionovers* flout the style code of conduct deliberately or ignorantly raising questions about their fashionista status.
Here are some style blunders:

It's distasteful & a style off to bare cleavage to the wrong places like church, market, office, business meetings, family gatherings, school, casual visits etc.
You wonder why you walk through the door with that new guy and he drop down his jeans like you suppose to drop to your knees? (well if he's kewl why not LOL) 
Aint nobody gon' raise eyebrows when you go to clubs (pubs, bars), crazy gatherings, hip hop events, naughty parties with your boobies on full display (we like to stare anyway;))

I know guys like to show off and do some sexhibition but its not only distracting, its disrespectful to those who have nothing to show off even in a skinny jeans (ROTFLOL) Guy's your John Thomas has no reason to go on display at any public function (well except clubs and the likes) so pack well and if you are on XL please tuck in* properly

You don't have a permanent make up neither do you have perm. facial surgery so how come your face looks thesame every darn time. Its the bloody red lip, blue eyeshadow, multi color bronzer and blush cheeks at every appearance (work, party, shopping stores) Give your face some air and life, learn the word 'variety' and even if this is your best look save it for days you need to make an impression. Day & night are different so why should your face look thesame?

Yes guys love to appear clean and groomed now its the metro-sexual world so relax ladies and don't ring the alarm yet. You can only snap & call him a cab if he's obsessed with it- especially if he likes his eyebrows heading south-west or even thiner than lil' kim's with a curvy arch than your own. Nothing stands a guy out beside his girl than a well groomed bushy full eyebrows (don't look like your girlfriends dyke)

Ladies this is not only offensive to the style code of conduct its loony at its height. Yes if you don't have hair you can buy some- not all and look like an acient oracle. Get back to basics ladies and wear your weaves properly, be proud of your roots not covering your head and body with 100 packs of brazillian/ indian hair. You think God didnt know why your hair is short and theirs long?

You ask why all your friends and collegues or even girls never take you seriously thats coz you look like a joke. How you gon' wear your hair like a porcupine and then act like a boss (well except you are bossing your likes) its good to get your edgy side on but do it with taste.

This has been offensive since the evolution of fashion & style and guilty of this are men and women -the ashy knees, hands, skin etc. The secret is a good mosturising lotion if you don't want to look like you crawled to the venue on your knees neither do you want to look like you bathe in johnson's baby oil (if excess lotion or oil is applied-thats a greasy look)

                               Remember if you don't feel too confident in it, its a bad look!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Own your Style

I was flipping through some style reviews from some celebs and one thing that seems to always stick out is everyone thinking alike. Style really is innate, it evokes your personality and reflect your attitude without understating your worth.
Its amazing how we all get on the celeb train of expensive designer wears to create that style profile for ourselves yet some still lack that 'wow' factor.
You can throw on Yves Saint Laurent, Marc jacobs, Prada and even match a Hermes or Coach altogether and still go unnoticed all you 'd be is a label whore. Designer wears and accessories sure boost confidence but rocking a well put together high street fashion with a mix of designer labels gives an edge.

The trick of high street fashion however is avoid picking too many things at thesame time or having a whole esemble from a particular store......silly thing about that is you will have 'family members' on the streets (people wearing same thing as you). The magic of that stunning high street outlook is pickng a pant from H&M, top from Zara and accessories from Top Man /Topshop

Lastly, we all do trends one way or the other but don't be a trend slore or a store mannequin replica on the streets -that is just hilarious. We all have different body, personality & flair so better be sure you can rock that mens short, short pants or ladies jumpsuit fore' you pay for it. Always own your style and do something different even if its a trend without creating a busy get-up look.
 Switch on the bold masc colors guys - brown shoes are hot items too
 Orange is in this spring, its all bout bright colors as long you ain't lookin' like a grown pumpkin
 Guys i know we are now used to our skinnys but let it rest, loose fits are comin' back (lets get our masc on again) Don't do baggy though except you *Hip Hop
 Doing high street this way will make huns' want a grab hahaha....

 Print footwears are in's a Christian Louboutin sneekers for guys
 Another flat print mens shoes
 Color blocking is still making statements just remember to match complemeting colors & keep it simple
Print pumps for ladies
Any pair of print is cool here's a sandal

Remember if you don't feel too confident in it.....its a bad look!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lets talk headies...the glams & jokes!!!

Goodness the actress has not seen better days in the style city, the fluffy licks, the atrocious exposure urgh
Did u gate crash...its not owanbe even SSP was embarrassed at your aso ebi
Ok i get it D1 likes the boys look- nice pants just ditch the blazer & office shirt
Just in case marriage never happens remember i had a solo one at Hip Hop awards #areuseriousgirl
I love this the shoe & jacket #rocs
you are the reason they* call we blacks the name we detest most....Gillete works wonders bruh
Gbemi hun is sure ready to roc & roll #rocs...just be more lotion friendly (u know where)
Love or Hate her she's the drama on heels....she's anything but boring #rocs
Really? its not even Boko Haram's peace meeting and at that it has to be jumat (friday) get it together bruh
My goodness i'm havin' a laugh attack ROTFLMFBO such an errornista*
Everything shine shine :/ that jacket should now be at the bottom of ya closet or you crush its distorting wings
AuntyKSB sure has only one phobia- Mirror LOL
its now 2011 (brazillian horse hair) get a flight back from 40's asap PS- Goodwill needs those shoes too.
Yes she got the memo damn girl #doinhiphopright
Its ok i don't understand the Lynxx hype but its defo not ok you haven't retired those Toms
Muna is having identity/style crisis so lets leave it alone till she figures it out
Jacket, pants & shoe kewl combo- just relax more bruh
Nse rocs the queens english on screen but not this no. #boring
Colour blocking got too busy still #bruhworksitYES
OMG did you meet Cossy Orjiakor on your way to the awards?
Don't even throw shades #ladyrocs muahs
Pink jacket with short sleeves :o gotta be the latest masc drag
Girl the awards wasn't in Empire or Allen...cover up #sounforgivable
She's retired from style city...else how do u explain stylequeen missed the memo- Its the hiphop awards not Amaa's
Nice dress just event inappropriate and lose those nutty puffs
Its an awesome task keeping a name sexy ask Omotola, the shoes are either wrong or meant to have colour disorder #looknotsexy uh uh
LMAO@ the pants- this is how Ngbati guy's pants look like at a certain age (PAUSE i'm yoruba)
Yeah i know i <3 me some tiwa a lil' too much....color/dress totally not hiphop #getitrightdiva

Yay Toolz gettin' it right without the synthetic.... wait- oh no not those shoes sigh* #lostexcitement
She truly has business with music just not with style
LOL she sure is a stress reliever
Now i smile...someone at least remember it was Hip hop awards #rocs
Halloween defo came earlier in Nigeria *shrugs =D

Darey's gettin' his edgy side on ilike
Rita oh rita you know those legs now need tights they ve' seen over 3 decades bare c'mon now ;)
Photo Credit: Bella Naija