Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Own your Style

I was flipping through some style reviews from some celebs and one thing that seems to always stick out is everyone thinking alike. Style really is innate, it evokes your personality and reflect your attitude without understating your worth.
Its amazing how we all get on the celeb train of expensive designer wears to create that style profile for ourselves yet some still lack that 'wow' factor.
You can throw on Yves Saint Laurent, Marc jacobs, Prada and even match a Hermes or Coach altogether and still go unnoticed all you 'd be is a label whore. Designer wears and accessories sure boost confidence but rocking a well put together high street fashion with a mix of designer labels gives an edge.

The trick of high street fashion however is avoid picking too many things at thesame time or having a whole esemble from a particular store......silly thing about that is you will have 'family members' on the streets (people wearing same thing as you). The magic of that stunning high street outlook is pickng a pant from H&M, top from Zara and accessories from Top Man /Topshop

Lastly, we all do trends one way or the other but don't be a trend slore or a store mannequin replica on the streets -that is just hilarious. We all have different body, personality & flair so better be sure you can rock that mens short, short pants or ladies jumpsuit fore' you pay for it. Always own your style and do something different even if its a trend without creating a busy get-up look.
 Switch on the bold masc colors guys - brown shoes are hot items too
 Orange is in this spring, its all bout bright colors as long you ain't lookin' like a grown pumpkin
 Guys i know we are now used to our skinnys but let it rest, loose fits are comin' back (lets get our masc on again) Don't do baggy though except you *Hip Hop
 Doing high street this way will make huns' want a grab hahaha....

 Print footwears are in guys...here's a Christian Louboutin sneekers for guys
 Another flat print mens shoes
 Color blocking is still making statements just remember to match complemeting colors & keep it simple
Print pumps for ladies
Any pair of print is cool here's a sandal

Remember if you don't feel too confident in it.....its a bad look!

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  1. I love this and the write up is totally on point. please give us more analysis on the red carpet fashion