Friday, November 4, 2011

Style code of conduct

Fashion truly has no boundaries as you can get your inspiration from anywhere- from a girl's scarf in the township to the mechanics uniform at a workshop and the list goes on. An idea comes from anywhere in fashion and then you fully process it into your own style and thats where you have code of conduct. Many fashionovers* flout the style code of conduct deliberately or ignorantly raising questions about their fashionista status.
Here are some style blunders:

It's distasteful & a style off to bare cleavage to the wrong places like church, market, office, business meetings, family gatherings, school, casual visits etc.
You wonder why you walk through the door with that new guy and he drop down his jeans like you suppose to drop to your knees? (well if he's kewl why not LOL) 
Aint nobody gon' raise eyebrows when you go to clubs (pubs, bars), crazy gatherings, hip hop events, naughty parties with your boobies on full display (we like to stare anyway;))

I know guys like to show off and do some sexhibition but its not only distracting, its disrespectful to those who have nothing to show off even in a skinny jeans (ROTFLOL) Guy's your John Thomas has no reason to go on display at any public function (well except clubs and the likes) so pack well and if you are on XL please tuck in* properly

You don't have a permanent make up neither do you have perm. facial surgery so how come your face looks thesame every darn time. Its the bloody red lip, blue eyeshadow, multi color bronzer and blush cheeks at every appearance (work, party, shopping stores) Give your face some air and life, learn the word 'variety' and even if this is your best look save it for days you need to make an impression. Day & night are different so why should your face look thesame?

Yes guys love to appear clean and groomed now its the metro-sexual world so relax ladies and don't ring the alarm yet. You can only snap & call him a cab if he's obsessed with it- especially if he likes his eyebrows heading south-west or even thiner than lil' kim's with a curvy arch than your own. Nothing stands a guy out beside his girl than a well groomed bushy full eyebrows (don't look like your girlfriends dyke)

Ladies this is not only offensive to the style code of conduct its loony at its height. Yes if you don't have hair you can buy some- not all and look like an acient oracle. Get back to basics ladies and wear your weaves properly, be proud of your roots not covering your head and body with 100 packs of brazillian/ indian hair. You think God didnt know why your hair is short and theirs long?

You ask why all your friends and collegues or even girls never take you seriously thats coz you look like a joke. How you gon' wear your hair like a porcupine and then act like a boss (well except you are bossing your likes) its good to get your edgy side on but do it with taste.

This has been offensive since the evolution of fashion & style and guilty of this are men and women -the ashy knees, hands, skin etc. The secret is a good mosturising lotion if you don't want to look like you crawled to the venue on your knees neither do you want to look like you bathe in johnson's baby oil (if excess lotion or oil is applied-thats a greasy look)

                               Remember if you don't feel too confident in it, its a bad look!


  1. lol @ the Brazilian hair madness. 9ja girls no wan hear word.

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