Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Complete Fashion party miss & hits

Nice gold sequined dress but one slit would have made it stunning
Good fit for a LBD with short puff sleeves...a pair of red loub would have given a wow factor though
Dare, that fashion buff on a power bike back in college needs to come back, boot cut suit pants should still remain in exile
SOS please....the hair, the dress, the pout = Epic disaster. Lady needs 3 things 1.clear mirror 2. true friends 3. help
Oh yes but with that aboki hat you are deffo on sale
Blair....horrid, like WTH? its not a movie set why u looking like a deranged character?
Really?? oh well you are missing a tray with cocktail drinks on it
OMG dont phunk with this lady hulk...with a body like that u have no biz with illusion dresses
Debonair...just a well polished shining shoes would have complete the look
Another lovely sequined dress but the pinafore high neck ruined it, a V or drape neck would have nailed it
Gotta give it to this man, the pants, shoes, bow tie, blazer all working it sans the construction goggles though
Terrific- she's effortlessly hard to miss....but slow your roll on make up you are no drag queen
I only see basic here but still the shoes ruined even the basic...*yawns*
Beautiful sequined dress but when did make-up start color blocking with hairline like that? ps its tasteless for ladies areola to ever be on display
Completely tacky...the tulip is even a miss, your tailor should be sued
This is how you trad wears, nice and the sandals...fantastic
I remember this dress on Omotola at the OK launch in UK, pretty but seems Omotola got more curves to rock it.

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